Pushkar Lake

Pushkar is not an unknown name, from the religious sights to the quirky cafes; there is an abundance of places to visit in Pushkar with hopeful surprises in every corner. The small shops lined up in the colourful streets are full of joy, vibrancy, culture, and warmth. Puskar is that corner of India where people get stunned by everything they see. The location is quite hilly and perhaps constitutes the reasons why Pushkar is the new spot to hit. The route from Ajmer to Pushkar presents you the most picturesque sights along the road. Pushkar is situated at a distance of 11 kilometres from Ajmer and there are tons of places to visit in Pushkar. Some of the intriguing factors in Pushkar are the camel safari that enables traversing the undulating sand dunes of the great Thar Desert atop a Camel, the one and only temple of Lord Brahma in the entire country lies in Pushkar and the sacred Pushkar Lake which is a major pilgrimage site.

Puskar border the Thar Desert and hence desert safaris are the most common adventure activity that excites the visitors. The Pushkar Lake has 52 Ghats and where one can bathe. Jagatpita Brahma Mandir is the only temple dedicated to the Lord of creation (Brahma).The place is definitely not a big town but rustic village that has gone hippie in the last couple of years. There are tons of items that you can take back home from the pretty markets of Pushkar like stunning silver jewellery, palazzos, bangles, bandhani sarees, artefacts made of mud and lovely dupattas. People mostly combine Ajmer and Pushkar in one trip due to the proximity they share, however, it is not a bad idea. Take a traditional homestay for your sojourn in Pushkar and you will undoubtedly fall in love with Pushkar, the village that gives an unforgettable experience.